The hikes listed in this blog do not require technical gear such as ropes or harnesses or any specific technical skills aside from basic rock scrambling. Some of the hikes might require an entry fee, government permits or other permission to cross private property. If that is the case, it will be mentioned in the description.

Hiking in the desert requires a level of preparation that is different than in more temperate climates. You should be prepared with a headlamp, extra layers, plenty of water, food and snacks, a GPS track, and always check weather before you go. Rain in the desert brings dangers of flash-flooding if you are in a canyon, and sometimes extreme mud on the roads that make them impassable. Extreme heat is always a concern in the warmer months. Be sure to check temperatures and start hikes very early if you are faced with a hot day. Having a satellite device capable of calling search and rescue is a must, especially on back country trails that are not populated.  Sun protection including a sunhat, sunglasses and sunblock are vital even on cold winter days if it’s sunny. Here is a comprehensive list of the Ten Essentials you should take with you when you are hiking.

Most importantly, get outdoors, unplug and have fun!