Hikeaneering is a term we use for hikes that require one or two rappels. Another way of describing it is hiking with ropes. There are a number of hikes or canyons that do require a few short rappels. One of the most famous is the top-down Subway route in Zion. We have found that knowing how to rappel and having a rope and appropriate equipment open up some hiking routes that are otherwise inaccessible.

While not as intense as a technical canyon, the hikeaneering routes still require knowledge and equipment to safely get down a rappel and other obstacles. We sometimes use our very light alpine harnesses and bring only the most necessary equipment and ropes to lighten our packs. However, having met a few very unprepared and hypothermic groups on the top-down Subway route over the years, I advise you to take these routes seriously and bring the proper gear, ropes, wetsuits, etc. and have experienced people in your group who have technical experience.

The routes described in this blog sometimes require permits, fees or have other red tape associated with them. If a permit is required, this information will be mentioned in the post. I will also link to beta (technical information) about the canyon or route (if available).

If you have any questions, please contact me. I hope you give hikeaneering a try!